Jim Gilbreath

Entrepreneur in Residence

Jim Gilbreath (BSEE/MBA) began his career as an Electrical and Computer Engineer from Texas Tech University and has 20 years experience across a wide range of sectors. Jim has run several businesses that were number 1 or 2 in their segment at NEC, Philips, Marvell, Sensory and three others that were successfully acquired. He led several M&A transactions driving the strategic analysis and due diligence resulting in over ten completed deals.


His entry into healthcare began 10 years ago when running product and marketing efforts for a company pioneering the use of automated algorithmic processing and pattern recognition of the human voice.  This highly successful effort at Sensory became the basis of many speech recognition solutions on today’s phones and smart devices and led Jim to found a mobile health group at Neurosky to take similar machine learning and pattern recognition technologies into areas such as EEG (brain) and ECG (heart) to enable automated bio-monitoring and interpretation of high value health metrics previously not achievable by manual interpretation.


At Triventures, Jim focuses on emerging healthcare spaces where innovative software solutions can bring actionable, monetizable and clinically disruptive value to the overwhelming amounts of data being generated by the proliferation of biosensors, imaging, digital health, and genomics sequencing solutions.