Dr. Peter Fitzgerald

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Dr. Peter Fitzgerald is Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Technology at Stanford University Medical School, and Co-founder/Managing Partner at Triventures. He is an Interventional Cardiologist and has a PhD in Engineering.  He is Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Medicine and Engineering at Stanford.


 He has led or participated in over 150 clinical trials, published over 450 manuscripts/chapters, and lectures worldwide.  Peter has been principle/founder of 24 healthcare companies in Silicon Valley, has transitioned 18 of these start-ups to medium/large-cap life science companies and remains on several of their advisory boards.  He has been a consultant for the FDA for the past 15 years focused on medical technology and more recently, digital health.


Prior, Peter was a co-founding partner of LVP capital in San Francisco, deriving his experience in venture capital from three funds focused on medical device and biotechnology start-ups. Peter is co-founder and managing partner of Triventures and heads the US office.


Peter currently participates on the boards of: Cala Health, Cathworks, Day Zero Diagnostics, FemSelect, Genoox, HealthReveal, V-wave.


Past Triventures’ portfolio companies where Peter participated on the boards include: Apica, MST, Orthospace and Zingbox.

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